Bedrock age samples

Summary of dataset content: Whole rock grab samples and the separation products produced during processing of the samples.
Original application: For determination of the geological age of rock
Geographical information product related to the dataset: Bedrock isotope dataset (Hakku)
Analysis information for the dataset: The information given consists of location data, rock type, method, mineral analysed, age results, comments and references. "Published Sm-Nd isotope data" comprise Sm-Nd data produced at GTK since 1981, which mostly are used to constrain the origin of crust.
Volume: 2,300
Resolution (sample density): Irregular, target scale
Geographic coverage: National
Sampling years (time reference): Ongoing since 1964
Physical form and storage conditions for the samples: Rock samples (grab samples) and processing products packed in small plastic containers
Sample identification: Laboratory number
Resource address: Published sampling points and sample data on the map:
Location of the dataset: Otaniemi, Espoo
Keywords: bedrock, absolute age, isotopes, age determination
Historical information:
Availability and terms of use / Public availability restrictions: According to the agreement.
Responsible organization: Geological Survey of Finland,
Metadata date: 2015-06-08