Peat study samples

Summary of dataset content: Cored samples of peat taken from investigated mires.
Original application: Investigated mire and determination of its peat (mire type, peat types, peat resources, physical properties of peat, suitability for peat production, and usability for various purposes). The information has been published in municipality-specific peat survey reports that hold general information about each mire studied and the applicability of these for e.g. energy, horticultural and environmental peat production, as well as for conservation purposes.
Geographical information product related to the dataset:
Analysis information for the dataset: Some analyses have been conducted on each sample stored, which have been saved in the data warehouses. Peat analysis data is information available for a fee.
Volume: 144,000
Resolution (sample density): target scale
Geographic coverage: National
Sampling years (time reference): Ongoing since 1975
Physical form and storage conditions for the samples: The samples have been dried and packed in minigrip bags (approximately 100 g/sample). Approximately 100 bags in plastic boxes.
Sample identification: Sample code (geologist, year, sequential number) and name of the mire
Resource address: Sampling points on the map:
Location of the dataset: Kuopio, Rovaniemi, Loppi
Keywords: peat, mire, ash content, decomposition, energy peat, horticultural peat, site type (biology)
Historical information:
Availability and terms of use / Public availability restrictions: According to the agreement.
Responsible organization: Geological Survey of Finland,
Metadata date: 2015-04-15